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Talent concept
Talent is talent, cherish talents and reasonable development of enterprise talents, using talents and retain talent, enhance the guiding principles and values. People God disposes, in person. The competition between enterprises is ultimately a talent competition. Establishing the concept of what kind of person, what kind of person, is related to the success or failure of the enterprise.
Talent is the first resource, the staff is the most valuable wealth.
Everyone is a talent, everyone can be useful.
To develop space to attract talents with a harmonious environment to accommodate talent;
To treat us with respect for the talents talent with a realistic eye;
To suitable positions to use talents with competitive alternatives of equal talent;
Nurturing talents as a multiple; use excellent culture professionals;
Inspire talents with preferential treatment; by stage talents to the cause of
To manage employees as assets,
As a career management talent.
Workers promote the progress of development,
Staff development driven by enterprise's progress.
People-oriented, to Germany for the first
Director of personnel and training;
CBT, the only example of recruiting;
Trust and respect, appreciation of communication.
Sai Ma Shima, jingxian;
Man suit, suit people;
Merit, ability and political integrity;
Yin is the only example, eclectic.
Ability to determine positions, contributions of treatment
Trying to determine where development, struggle to success
With the nurturing of talent, environment, cohesion of talent
Excited with the treatment of personnel, with mechanisms to retain talent

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