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Stone surface maintenance

Stone surface maintenance

Stone surface maintenance, stone face care treatment:
  A, stone surface maintenance, introduction to stone surface maintenance
  Crystal face processing is the most ideal way to stone top maintenance, it is a chemical process. Its principle is the use of Crystal surface treatment agent with heavy processor on the stone surface friction, under the dual role of chemistry and physics, harder and denser surface to form hard crystalline layer of ceramic and stone surfaces to be easily damaged, but also not easy to stick dye stains, so as to ensure that the essential characteristics of the stone. In other words, isolated from crystalline layer source and stone, pollution, damage is only stone Crystal layer on top.
  Waxing is a protection method followed in the past, it is a physical process. Simply put, that is coated with a layer of mulch on the ground (wax) to protect the floor surface. Routine maintenance just overlay (wax) for cleaning and maintenance, this cover does not reflect the natural texture of natural stone, using short cycle. Waxing wax on a regular basis, constant, repeated consumption of wax, water and other materials, and wax tend to be strong, rapidly aging marble because calcium carbonate is corroded. Granite and quartz of very high corrosion resistance, but feldspar and Mica is not resistant to corrosion, pitting expanded to deepen, become rugged.
  Marble Crystal face processing is the most ideal stone top maintenance mode, it does not change the structure of stone, nor apply a layer of mulch, so, do not change the original stone texture. After passing through the Crystal face processing, stone surface molecules more dense, shiny brightness increase, makes the stone more beautiful, more elegant. Crystal face processing in continuously accumulated in the care of their effectiveness and value.
  Second, marble Crystal face processing advantages and trends of
  Reasonable period Crystal surface, effect of not only the best of care and maintenance, and care and maintenance to get the lowest cost, best economic benefit.
  Middle of the last century 80 's, European and American market has a wide range of surface treatment to the conservation of stone. In the middle of the last century 90 's, only the introduction and promotion of Crystal face processing, along with the increasing maturity of Crystal surface treatment products and professional, can be targeted to marble, granite and other stone and partly artificial brick.
  Crystal face processing in China's future development will fully replace the traditional stone material waxes processing wax treatment in the future would be limited to PVC, gravity flat, anti-static flooring and other applications.
  Three, marble Crystal face processing
  Principle: the Crystal face processing should be the new stone facing, or refurbished stone surface, and regular maintenance, stone keep perfect time, as new.
  Three principles Crystal face processing: 1 clean 2, flat 3, dry.
  Four differences, stone surface treatment products and development
  Stone surface treatment products work: hardening agents, plus agents, fillers, abrasives, care agents.
  Essential differences between stone surface treatment products category:
  Powder-the filling, first good results, reaction of low adaptability limitations.
  Solvent-free filling and early work well, high degree of chemical reactions, broad applicability.
  Five, marble Crystal face processing technology
  1. marble Crystal face processing
  1) marble surface tools: cleaning machines, red scouring pad, suction cleaners, white polishing pads and other auxiliary machinery and equipment.
  2) medications: K2, K3, crystalline powder and stone maintenance agent, neutral detergent.
  3) specific steps: use the multi-purpose floor cleaning machine with a red scouring pad, uniform crystallization of marble powder with equal amounts of water sprinkled on the ground turn grinding, brushing should be horizontal polishing machine, back and forth around 12-16 or so. Operation, mechanical torsion-the bigger the better. Natural fiber mat on the ground-and spray a small amount of "stone maintenance agent" re-polished, which can increase the surface hardness and gloss marble ceramic. Pass through the marble Crystal face processing smooth surface such as a new gloss can reach 80 degrees.
  4) Note: regularly use dust dust every day to keep stone surfaces clean. Operation do not use black wax mat-polished. Cleaning do not use the cleaning brush to clean, but in red, white, scouring pad to clean, large wear ground Brush hardness, caused by poor surface finish.
  2. granite Crystal face processing
  1) use tools: cleaning machines, stainless steel wool pads, polishing machine, water cleaning machines and auxiliary equipment.
  2) medications: stone hard powder and Crystal stone maintenance agent.
  3) specific steps: first hard crystal powder and stone maintenance according to mix well and apply a uniform coating on the ground, combined with stainless steel wool pad sanding and polishing machine to the mixture dry. Hard Crystal handle at a time with no more than 2 square meters is the best Polish during the regular check that the stainless steel wool pad is full of too much mixture, immediately replaced if full. Pass through the granite Crystal face processing smooth surface such as a new gloss can reach 70 degrees or more.
  4) Note: regular daily dust keeping the surface clean. Remember to clean up after each completed, scouring pads and stainless steel wool pads need to be kept clean to ensure the effectiveness of the work, to ensure that the effects of stone surface tr

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