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Rice cookers use potatoes there are several practices, neonatal nursing ... ... You don't think these questions are too simple and didn't need to be said. This is the February 8 municipal women's Federation "spring breeze action" first training on domestic service training courses, trainees from counties more than more than 30 cities in the city laid off workers and the rural landless women.
"Listening to home economics training course, the harvest is big, and their cooking method is not the same as before. "Mudan district Wang Weifang South City Office residents are trained for the first time, she said," the deceptively simple cooking, there is so much stress. "Women's domestic elder sister Guo began to do parental sister-in-law before Spring Festival," talk about very practical training classes, while employers haven't even started to work well for yourself, ' charge ' to improve parenting skills. "
Female domestic staff, as the domestic market, increasing demand for the domestic service professional services, 80% customer favorite domestic service could not be found, to this end, the municipal women's Federation devoted to "domestic helper training activities", increase the skills of domestic service "gold content". Since February 8 up, city FMC on has wishes engaged in domestic services of women for each period 10 days of professional domestic skills gang Qian training, content including cooking pastry, and nutrition catering, and home layout, and clothing hot ironing, and health cleaning, and infant and the maternal nursing, aspects, used theory and actual operation phase combined of taught way, improve they of domestic skills level; while, on assessment qualified who issued domestic service gang Qian training qualified certificate. After becoming a qualified domestic workers, they could engage in domestic services and realize the new leap of his life. BACK

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