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Month free training of domestic service registration opens

On February 8, from the municipal women's Federation women's service center was informed that month intermediate, domestic helper training now available for free registration opens.
Women's Federation women's Center is sponsored by the municipal women's Federation, is the city's only public service units, of which women's vocational training school is the city's only municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau designated learning professional school of the month.
Due to increasing public demand for month and domestic service, women's Service Center opened this month intermediate, domestic helper for two classes of free training. Planned opening in late February, 40 people in each class, 1.5 months, after passing the entrance exams, issuing national vocational qualification certificate and recommend employment.
Urban unemployment registration certificates for employment, migrant workers in agriculture account holders can apply, registration please bring originals and co-owner. 65th location Tomb road hospital, women and children Centre, 3/f, contact Tel: 85606206,85709715. BACK

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