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Lack of domestic service industry standards, professional rating confusion, poor market credibility

With the accelerated process of urbanization, the increase in aging population, many families, including medium and small cities and higher demand for domestic service, and the development of domestic services is not satisfactory. Reporters found that lack of industry standards, professional rating confusion, poor market credibility issues prevailing in domestic service markets around.
Few professional
Wuwei County in Anhui province had to output the nanny famous, nannies are hard to find
In the central region of Anhui, is one of the main output of the domestic staff in the past, but when reporters discovered, once known for nanny output of wuwei County, now almost impossible to find people engaged in the industry. "One reason is that economic activity in rural areas, so that everyone has more space to earn money. In addition, employers of domestic service image more strict requirements, communication skills, abilities, therefore employing more expensive. "Women's employment information service Center Director, Anhui Province wanzhiying told reporters.
"The confinement is very high with this new profession on technology, not only to take care of maternal and baby food, such as clothes washing, feeding, confined meal; more importantly doing professional work, for example, baby common observation and preliminary treatment, confinement diseases prevention, breast feeding and infant early education and so on. "Beijing Municipal Home Economics Association, said Li Dajing.
It is understood that each year, the students in higher vocational colleges in Anhui Province enrolled in home economics services training, but few people stick with domestic service as a profession. Now in domestic service, graduating from junior high school and high school females are the main force.
"A lot of media coverage month wages higher than college students and white-collar workers, this is not comparable. For example, nurses work 8 hours a day, enjoy national treatment, and complete social security, two days off a week. Month has generally not social security, 24 hours in a private room on-call, do not enjoy a holiday. They earn money. "Li Dajing said.
Now 43 years old, Liu Rong was in renqiu, Hebei province, and 2001 to do month to Beijing. According to her, many domestic companies do not buy insurance for employees, and had a co-worker once caught a cold in their employer's home to take care of mother and baby, and baby was infected, the hospital spent a lot of money, and went to court. Although domestic companies pay some medical bills, but the aunt in the company for three years in a row, or under deducted medical expenses from wages.
"Although for the last two years the Government introduced a number of files, to stabilize the team, but the domestic industry mobility remains a major problem. "Li Dajing pointed out.
"My son's graduation this year. I think he quit after two years, because it is too hard. "Liu Rong said.
Training professional rating bodies chaos
Poor reputation in domestic market, many employers would prefer the reputation certificate
In Guangzhou, reporters interviewed a number of domestic companies found that nearly all domestic companies said their confinement confinement permits and said it was "no certificates are for sure not posts. "Jiefang North Road, a company official told reporters, the company passed to confinement certified rating, in the distinction between services and wages, the higher price is higher.
Reporters learned that providing confinement services for domestic companies, there is a list, dividing the month into the primary months her senior, intermediate confinement, confinement, and so on, and more, in three levels separated gold medal month, diamond-confinement, Crown-level confinement. Some domestic companies are playing the "Star confinement" or "Super month" sign, but such confinement may not even formal training has not participated, or just a symbolic participation in a number of countries in order to test free courses, these courses tend to be only theories, the lack of practice.
It is understood that the Guangzhou approval authority has been delegated to district level training institutions, in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Bureau of society under the employment training center, Guangzhou Municipal women's Federation and the Guangzhou City Federation of home economics training base for confinement training and exam to the career center, Guangzhou City, organization "family maternal and child care worker" certificates that month certificate.
But insiders admitted that "many month holding small spontaneous certificate of training institutions, most of them were not recognized by the State. "
Liu Rong, told reporters that in 2006 she passed the baby sitter cards issued by the Beijing Municipal Labor Bureau, is the first batch of students in Beijing. But for now the research, she worried: "now the maternal and child care certificate, prolactin teacher certificate, massage therapist certificate varied, permit a lot of places, it's pretty chaotic, and I think that as long as you can take the card. "
It is understood that the month certificates there are many, from the name, month syndrome, baby sitter syndrome, prolactin master card, care card from looking at the source, some are national vocational qualifications, there are some training institutions. And have national occupational skills standard of domestic workers and caregivers are not the same, the hottest month in addition to training to get a paper "family maternal and child care worker" certificates, without any professional skill standard hierarchy.
In fact, it was because of confinement training, rating chaos, the market acceptance of certified confinement is not high. Guangzhou society Council staff also told reporters that the confinement was not a mandatory, or working without a license. And the current month training centres do not have standards, so it causes employers to believe that friends and Word of mouth rather than certificates.
"I don't think card card doesn't matter, can take their children on the trip. "Zhang Lin is sitting out who lives in Panyu, Guangdong, undocumented month Miss Juan home very satisfied. Miss Juan swept the children all children even sleep with Miss Juan from morning till night.
Lack of industry standards development needs standard
Domestic workers are not "universal servant" needs subdivision types, truly professional
Ting Yang from Guangdong was gold medal month at a large company in Guangzhou, 48, was head nurse at a hospital in her hometown of, with a baby sitter certificate, nurses certificate and confinement three certificates, 9 years has cared for 46 months. Employers rated very good to her, has never received a complaint. But she does not know what company in accordance with the standard rating for yourself.
Who lives in Guangzhou and Lu Wang, but had no luck find a professional confinement Ting Yang. Set the people as early as half a year ago, but being the intermediary companies boast beautifully after month visit only to find this month just raised two children of rural women, even washed milk powder, washing baby clothes to her husband and learn while teaching, and had envisaged varies widely. "If domestic and large travel agencies, brand recognition, we find the month cannot be so blind. "
"After a month of professional training and the same old practices vary, with more modern birth and scientific ideas", which is the market interpretation of the month this career hazy. But how to be worthy of, and need for training providers training contents, the true service quality feedback channels, the development of occupational skills standards are unified planning and management. Industry experts pointed out.
"I think the company will do more formal, at least once every month to month training, supplemented with new knowledge. Confinement should be allowed to sit together to Exchange, but companies are reluctant to month communication, a communication was clear in his wages, the company was also difficult. "Liu Rong told reporters.
Guangdong Province, family services Association chenting said, precisely because of the domestic standards is unknown, the current domestic industry employers and political disputes, employer and company more and more. Through occupational skill standards define domestic work jobs to subdivide, confinement is not "all-powerful waiter." The Association says will launch research related to industry standards and price guide.
Society of Anhui Province Xu Zengkai, Deputy Director at the Office of migrant workers: "should encourage and support domestic enterprises bigger and stronger, driven by leading enterprises, development of industry standards, and strengthen self-discipline to make domestic industry more healthy. ” BACK

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