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Migrant worker shortage of job fairs and even 130 games in domestic service employment

, Human, by Social Security Bureau, the municipal trade union awareness day, sponsored by the women's Federation in the spring breeze action topic started yesterday more than more than 40 employment service agencies in the Beijing West railway station "stall", travel-stained workers got off the train to Beijing will be able to enjoy free employment guidance services. It is reported that after the city will hold more than more than 130 special job fairs for migrant workers.
Beijing 97% migrant workers have a clear job
Municipal Bureau of human-security-related charge, from January 8 to February 16 in conjunction with city transport workers in and out of Beijing during the Spring Festival traffic monitoring, through the use of questionnaires, in the Beijing railway station, Beijing West railway station, 4 railway stations as well as Lotus pool, six-lane bridge 9 otogar migrant workers in and out of Beijing, traffic monitoring, sampling a total of 33,000.
From the current statistics, from January 8 to February 5 Beijing migrant workers totaled 1.8336 million people, 97% of them have a clear job. First month only chusi to the 14 day period, migrant workers ' daily in Beijing amounted to about 118,000 people, daily Beijing-at about 50,000 people.
More than fair of migrant workers reached more than 130
Reporters saw the publicity day yesterday in addition to 19 career centre and 19 family centres, there are 9 "new faces", which for the first time to participate in special activities of the public employment services and social human resources services. They will organize personnel specification integrity enterprises to participate in Beijing job fair activities such as urban and rural employment, enterprises face to face and hand in hand, for Beijing migrant workers, employment, and the aspirations of rural workers employment agency provided free. According to statistics, the last site publish job information more than 9,700 articles, providing job registration, policy advisory more than 30,000 times.
During the spring, the city's public employment and human resources service agencies also opened the cover the green channel for workers, such as free counseling, job search, job placement, career guidance, such as "one-stop" services. Statistics up to now, the city's 335 performances and is expected to carry out special activities, including vocational guidance Forum, skills training, special clean up illicit brokering, business integrity recruiting. Among them, more than fair with more than 130 organizations of migrant workers, for collection of rural labor force position is estimated to be about 100,000.
Domestic service labor shortages for a long time
Career Centre, the relevant person in charge, for now, the work requirements of the city there are still gaps, mainly in home economics, manufacturing, restaurants, wholesale and retail industries. However, Beijing workers ' employment difficulties mainly because of its skills and experience do not match actual needs, Enterprise, job seekers need to have expertise or experience, but migrant workers often lack the skills. This year, the staffing agencies will actively help migrant job-seekers to Beijing.
It is reported that the spring action related activities through municipal human resources and social security networks, talent network, Beijing set up the column, for social inquiry. BACK

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