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Nanny nanny pick live in Zhenjiang home economics market uneven

For as long as I live, February 9 "now looking for a nanny is difficult to find. "An employer calling domestic workers are hard to find at the same time, don't want to, domestic workers also shouted. Most recently, reporters found in many domestic agency "exotic" phenomena: on one side are looking for employers of nannies and domestic workers; on one side is waiting for zhaozhu of domestic workers.
Recently, this reporter went to jingkou owner housekeeping service center. Walked in to see less than 20 square metres of a room full of people, a few stood waiting. To understand that part of these people is in jobs, there are employers. They came in the morning, until now.
Since there are so many job seekers, then why are employers here waiting for them? Looking for a nanny she very aptly: "most candidates are part-time or just a half day, and we want to hire is that perennial food wrap. "Introduction to the exhibition, he lives in the sunny garden, his son abroad, usually only a couple of their own at home, they are usually like to go out to play, hoping to find a nanny that can be responsible for housework at home all year round. And the large House, there is a certain amount of work, he hopes to hire a nanny between 40-50. He just waiting for these two days, for several days, still not satisfied.
According to domestic intermediary introduction, dilemma in the domestic market for two reasons. While now to job, and labourers of domestic personnel locals mostly, they this on has himself of home to running, so cannot meet family clock of requirements, and from field of domestic personnel to to first month 20 around only will gradually recovery; on the, a people "Contracting" several family, revenue also above full-time do a home, so, many job who not to last resort is not with a customers go of. BACK

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