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Household cleaning market: How can a "disorderly" word get!

Going into the fall, it is consumers decorated rooms at the peak, "wasteland cleaning" growing demand, maintains cleanliness the company's ads can be seen everywhere, "formal", "standardization", "rest assured that the cleaning" ... ... Such advertisements can be found everywhere, but the household cleaning industry what is the case? Insider advice, capital maintains cleanliness the profession had a reporter investigations found that Beijing maintains cleanliness the profession was mixed, almost 40% companies do not have a business license, a considerable number of cleaning company providing cleaning services, industrial raw material blending detergent, shoddy work and irregularities are common, but serious lack of regulatory.
Industry fact: revealing three shady
Almost no business license
Contact reporter traveled to an industry---Shaw.
In West Central, a KFC store, the reporter saw a skinny Shaw. Is not expected in 1997, Shaw began to engage in cleaning work has left the cleaning industry. "The cleaning industry is a mess, so I turned to cleaning information 2006 consultation! "Shaw says.
According to Mr Shaw introduced, maintains cleanliness the company probably falls into two categories: one is the large cleaning companies, only commercial cleaning project was used for household cleaning cleaning company. "Unlicensed family cleaning company in the industry known as illegal cleaning company, has no license and no fixed office cleaning company known as the guerrillas. A rough estimate, near 40% cleaning company on the market today do not have a business license ", Mr Shaw said," but these are not the cleaning business license is not a small number. "Mr Shaw told reporters that many illegal cleaning companies attract consumers through false propaganda," they posted, register domain names, PHP website to promote itself as a so-called formal, large-scale, through ISO quality system certification, there are countless ' title '-cleaning business. "
Raw materials for the match against the cleaner
"Some cleaning companies does not provide professional services, making is a windfall. "Mr Shaw in decorating wasteland cleaning, for example, gave reporters an account.
"In General, provide a professional land reclamation cleaning expense is the cost of: shoes, towels, cleaning agents, garbage bags, overalls, transporting a total of 50 Yuan, clean equipment depreciation costs 50 Yuan/sets, workers ' meal costs 10 yuan/person, two cleaning staff salaries included 30 yuan/half a day, and then how to calculate total costs 160 Yuan. "
Mr Shaw said that when cleaning company cleaning disposable towels, workers do not wear shoes and work clothes, no professional cleaning equipment such as washing machines, and in order to cut costs, many cleaning companies are not pure white, cats, goldfish and other mid-range dish detergent, but with prices only 0.3 Yuan/kg and no quality assurance without dishwashing liquid.
"A lot of cleaning or even combinations of industrial raw materials with the guerrillas against the dishwashing, the industrial average down to only pennies a pound! "Mr Xiao said angrily," this way, the negligible cost of cleaning agents, they can pay workers 30 yuan, workers of rice costs 20 Yuan, workers fare of 2-4 Yuan, a total of 54 Yuan. "
After such costs, if maintains cleanliness the company pay 150 Yuan, their net profits reached 96, if 500 Yuan maintain cleanliness the fee, that margin up to 800%!
Cleaning lady is seriously slacking off
Shaw also told reporters, "Procter to do cleaning in the future do not use scouring powder or detergent. "" These are poisonous? "The reporter wondered. "Not because these things are toxic, but the cleaning lady was seriously lazy! "Mr Shaw said, in order to save time, many cleaners use scouring powder or detergent clean surface without water for the second cleaning.
"Scouring powder and detergents are alkaline, with scouring powder and detergent and water to clean floors, furniture wipe clean without water will cause damage to the flooring paint, or yellowing of the furniture surface. If the cleaner chemical raw materials mixed with dish detergent, the consequences are even more serious, it would be harmful to people's health. "Mr Shaw said.
"This genus does not belong to missing items? Maintaining cleanliness industry charges of leakage increased after much? "The reporter asked.
"The charges of intentional leakage adds very little, just cleaning lady stealing workers will be relatively serious," Shaw said, "some cleaning staff will try to reduce his workload, bad cleaning staff but also on consumers in case of no way. "Mr Shaw said.
Immediately visit: low threshold management
Mr Shaw's report, the reporter conducted the relevant survey. After the investigation, the reporter found, really can provide consumers with professional, rest assured that the cleaning company cleaning services are few and far between, many cleaning companies are unable to provide business license, some even do not provide on-site consulting. These cleaning company for details of cleaning agents are also reluctant to say much, cleaning staff are difficult to see.
The industry believes that cleaning companies and practitioners of low industry threshold is the root cause of causing confusion in the industry, and the lack of regulatory industry turmoil "worse."
Quote chaos worrying environmental protection
To understand the market maintains cleanliness the profession, reporters as consumer advice, visited several cleaning companies.
8th floor, basement entrances, Chang Xin Cheng District 1 district, this reporter saw "city cleaning" sign. Upon entering the basement, reporters turned up four times to find this hidden close to cleaning companies.
Reporters on the scene, less than 8 square meters room with two desks, a few chairs, a computer, two phone calls and a row of Sanitizer bottle. Only one staff member in the Office, he told reporters ONN maintains cleanliness the company to wasteland 130 square meters to a new house cleaning price is 325.
"You are using the cleaner do? "Journalists, pointing to a row of covered in dust cleaning agent pot asked. "You ask what are these? Anyway, we will certainly give you clean! "The staff said dryly. Reporters worried about poor-quality detergents not environmentally friendly, staff said, "that only water, and most environmentally friendly. "
For journalist's "why there is no cleaning lady here" question, staff indifferent to that, "all worked out". Journalists said the cleaning company offer 200 Yuan, want them to reduce prices. "It was not formal quotation, we are regular companies, licensed. "But when a reporter offered to look at when the business license, but said business licenses in other locations, and can't at the moment.
Subsequently, the reporter called another company named "home cleaning" on the phone. The same services, home the last quotation is given 200 Yuan. Journalists offered an on-site consultation. Each other in a "staff meeting" turned journalist. "Cleaning is nothing to on-site consulting, there are questions that I can answer right now, cleaning agents and license to your House to give you see! "No matter what journalist to grounds for on-site consultation, they reject. When a reporter asked when the telephone is a PHS or fixed telephone, the other hesitated for a moment, said: "the phone. "Then hung up the phone.
The reporter then consulted several cleaning companies, found the same service price is 250 Yuan, in addition to cleaning companies for its cleaning agents are reluctant to mention.
As no cleaning staff were present, could not be learned that cleaning staff professional level, cannot be on the card, "Shi Li he", "ceremony" and "Liu Li Qiao" unknown addresses who do not provide on-site consulting-cleaning business.
23 Yuan to register
Reporters learned that applications for individual commercial tenants or enterprises in the form of "cleaning" only to the industrial and commercial sectors to apply for registration, you do not need approval from other departments.
Reporters call the business hotline that individual cleaning re-assessed to the area industry paid 23 cost the company registration application for personal cleaning company with registered capital of no less than 30,000 yuan, applied for 2 persons or 2 or more partners maintains cleanliness the company registered capital of no less than 100,000 yuan.
It was revealed that the company only 8000 Yuan through a proxy "fees" will be able to successfully get business licenses. Procedurally, the cleaning company is not illegal by agents registered. In addition enter the cleaning industry by joining the company can also carry out cleaning operations. In fact, due to join the company not required to pay the franchise fee, the company does not provide technical assistance, join and Head Office of the company is more like a partnership.
On the Internet, a man named Wang Tao, who claims to be able to provide a cleaner to join, called on the journalists to join him on the phone.
Wang told reporters that join his cleaning company no limit, no fees! But when pressed by reporters maintains cleanliness the company name, Wang Tao has faltered, unwilling to answer. Wang said if too many businesses, the company will provide part of the business to join the company, each business based on 4:6 or 5:5 into profit. Wang also told reporters that "no training cleaning staff, take a look! "When journalists want to look at the company, and Wang Tao said he has been a very busy time.
Is the vacuum regulation
Reporters from the Labor Department, Department of labor does not currently offer a cleaning training, no cleaning staff qualification certification. Beijing Municipal Labor Bureau training center staff told reporters that the property management training provided by the centre there is a small portion of the content involves cleaning, however, content management, does not involve the cleaning operation.
The industry believes that since there is no corresponding regulation, maintaining cleanliness industry increase in clutter.
It is understood that the business sector is responsible for the cleaning of individual businesses and maintains cleanliness the company registration and business license annual inspection, supervision of the service is not responsible for the cleaning company.
Journalists after consultation with the Beijing municipal environmental protection Bureau was informed that, at present, the City Department of environmental protection maintains cleanliness the profession not related to regulations and supervision. EPA oversight staff, Fengtai District, discard remaining clean cleaning chemicals or waste may pollute the environment. But due to the limited human and material resources, together with higher authorities did not provide, therefore maintains cleanliness the profession of the environmental sector monitor is blank.
Subsequently, the press call the construction Committee and the municipal development and Reform Commission, Office of price administration, respectively, but have been unable to connect, reporters could not be learned whether the Department maintains cleanliness the profession of service and fee regulation.
Mr Shaw thinks maintains cleanliness the lack of regulation of the industry, mainly because of the strong professional knowledge required, which makes some departments want to pipe and can do about that. But he hopes relevant departments as soon as possible to monitor the cleaning industry, after all, the rapid development of the industry was too closely related to the lives of ordinary people. BACK

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