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Exotic nanny returned home early market close

Fuqing as hometown newspaper, January 9 Spring Festival is coming, this reporter recently visited the discovery, many working in Fuqing foreign nannies advance back, nurse shortage caused the city's domestic market.
Reporter learned that some migrant workers to Fuqing in the field as a babysitter, because of concerns about ticket prices during the Spring Festival, or difficult to buy a train ticket, plus relatives back home during the Spring Festival Banquet, they will home care and new year 10 to more than 20 days in advance. A Sichuan native Taiwanese aunt Huang told reporters, was five or six years since she and her husband work in Fuqing, has not been back to this year, her sister's children to marry, to get as far away as migrant relatives were able to attend the wedding of the children, they moved the wedding date to go through before the Spring Festival, so aunt Huang planned to go home as early as September. Reporters found many like Aunt Huang, from Hubei's aunt Yang and her husband, and two sons, daughter-in-law and working in Fuqing, in order not to interfere with work, while still allowing relatives to dinner at home, they put Sun Tzu's full moon wine to go through before the Spring Festival. Pu Jie, Li said after the House, please nanny for her family after going home early, children of the full moon, no one in the family care, which makes her very distressed.
The reporter learned from the municipal Labor Employment Management Service Center, the Spring Festival is coming, current nanny gap in our city is very big. Zhang said the Centre staff, this time increase in potential employers seeking nannies, Nanny is in short supply.

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