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Before the cleaning company "zhua Zhuang Ding" and "temporary" no guarantee that the quality of service

Wanted peace of mind find a domestic cleaning, didn't think health not improving, just bought has visible scratches on the LCD TV screen.
Live Lakeside, Yucheng district ride her because of busy work, looking for domestic companies in the home cleaning the glass, January 9, Cheng made several domestic services company telephone ladies, are said to have been filled, can't afford the staff finally agreed to come for their services. Results come two cleaning workers, have over 50 years of age, without professional tools, work was slow. Finally ready glass is not clean at all, look at the two cleaning workers is not easy, Ms Cheng didn't care. When you can watch TV in the evening, he found just buy less than half a month there was a very obvious scratches on the TV screen, then drive it was not remembered the morning cleaning staff use portable brush wipe across the screen.
The morning of 10th, Ms Cheng found domestic companies, the company said that two cleaning staff are not regular employees of the company, they just temporarily during the Spring Festival, the company cannot be held liable for requirements. In desperation, Cheng came to Yucheng consumer protection Committee complained. Conciliation by the staff, said domestic companies will be free to drive MS to provide housekeeping service once, and pay its 1000 Yuan of economic loss.
Yucheng, in charge of the consumer protection Committee, during the run-up to the Spring Festival, domestic companies will be significantly increased volume of business. However, the surge in business volume was enough to make some "domestic guerrilla" busy, free prices, services are not in place. Here, remind consumers that years ago when looking for home economics, try to select those qualifications, reputation is better, greater in scale of domestic companies. BACK

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