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Cleaner good abroad in jiaxing

Long Zhongshan Road, jiaxing, witnessed decades of time changes, and guarding the road, is that many roads cleaning staff. The day before yesterday, published a news photo on the evening news version 2, tells the story of a road cleaner from abroad, 15 years did not go home for the new year, guarded Zhongshan Road South of this building to the easy road for a while, and this year is no exception, even on new year's day are slammed the way busy.

Yesterday morning, the reporter met this cleaner on the Plaza in xuhui, his name is Zhou Zun China, 56 years old, Anhui Fuyang people. Skinny he was wrapped in a thick overcoat, wearing small cotton hats, each with a broom and dustpan, sweeping the streets with her head low. Reporters approached only to see his face, dark accumulation under the skin of so many vicissitudes.
Week China statue of Mandarin is not standard, speaking voice and light, but can still feel the positive attitude of his pursuit of a better life.
"I come to jiaxing for 15 years, doing cleaning work, wage rises gradually from the initial four hundred or five hundred Yuan to 2000 Yuan now. "Statue of the week China said with a smile, treatment improved a lot over the years, several children have made his home in jiaxing, living standards improving year by year.
Although living conditions are getting better, but Zhou Zun China Chinese new year without too much stress, 15 years did not even go home for the new year. He said had no relatives back in her hometown, 4 children, 3 living in jiaxing, so family life naturally moved to jiaxing.
Week one work day and night with China, is to give his family a good life, to him, is also very common for the Chinese new year day, most families sit together and eat dinner. But for every day cleaning the road, but he was very emotional, "15 years, every fixed to on Lok Road, Zhongshan Road, in the South of building work, and another cleaning lady turns sooner or later shifts to clean both sides of the road, sometimes going up to the middle of the road sweep. Repeat this every day, but I don't think boring, but feel very fresh because I can see the city changing every day. "
Over the years, weeks China sweeping image of at the same time, also saw many changes in the city, even on new year's day he's on the road "tour", captured the atmosphere of the new year. Zhou Zunhua said that many different people every day from his passing from time to time there are new shops opening. But for him, the greatest feeling of jiaxing road clean up, raise the people's quality, a small trash can is not a decoration.

Last year, the week statue to China with their hard earned money to pay 250,000 yuan cash, buying Mao er Cun, a set of more than 50 square meters of houses, and finally ended up renting.
"Before doing the cleaning lady, I am a farmer, has just come to jiaxing wage there is four hundred or five hundred Yuan a month, up to seven hundred or eight hundred Yuan until the year before, now there are 2000 of revenue. "Improved quality of life statue to China the week very excited, feeling hopeful.
Zhou Zunhua told reporters that he has 3 daughters and one son, 2 daughters had married and made his home in jiaxing, bought a House, their eldest daughter's son is 6 years old, the youngest daughter in a county in Anhui, son in jiaxing cleaning staff, and he and his wife lived together.
Hard life, Zhou hua, a statue of life finally has improved, this small section of Zhongshan Road, leaving a week China image of footprints and bear witness to his hard work for road cleaning and a better life. BACK

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