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Business was light, with domestic service industry is "full House"

Networks in Qiqihar in Northeast China on February 3 after the Lunar New Year holiday, many trades "resumed" business light, domestic service industry is "full" after the Babysitting market has "far", the shortage situation.
The morning of February 1, reporters visited the city a number of domestic companies. But domestic companies, reporters see the information bar is full the nanny recruitment information and even individual eager to hire nanny employers have on-site registration. But due to the holidays because, at present, the city's nurse shortage situation in the market.
But domestic companies, Mr Xu said to reporters, because the feast, many outside the staff had gone home, usually at Lunar Lantern Festival or spring back until after the second. But now customers are more concentrated, is a nurse for the holidays go, have to take this time to nurse, and so on.
Rest assured that the domestic companies, the reporters saw on the information bar, some employers just fill in the simple requirements of housework, wages are high and low along with the employer's needs change. Manager Li speaking to reporters, nurse minimum wage now seven hundred or eight hundred, but some are elderly, children or request for a 24-hour, high wages, high wages are more than 2000 Yuan.
According to press reports, after the Spring Festival there will be a period of time the nurse shortage, some employers take part-time employment part-time solution to temporary employment tensions. BACK

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