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Fuzhou confinement exceeded 6000 Yuan a month is "gold" domestic companies have the final say

"Cost 6750 Yuan hired a so-called gold medal month, unexpectedly thick limbs, took the baby super powerful, wrongly smelly, respiration to kids going to bed every day, reminded many times do not change. "Yesterday, the people reflect Guo said this was the second gold medal to her confinement, but is still not satisfactory. She really don't know these gold medal month, exactly where is the gold?
The Dragon at the beginning, the "Dragon babies" crowd, confinement became popular once again, month wages are also rising. Reporter interviewed a number of domestic companies in Fuzhou yesterday found some gold medal month has exceeded 6000 Yuan a month mark. But for beginner, intermediate, advanced, gold medal month judging, the domestic companies are evaluated according to their own standards, month itself there is little comparable qualification.
Fuzhou City, provincial human resources and Social Security Department, human resources and Social Security Bureau said there is no qualification about confinement, no grading. In this regard, the provincial Department of human resources and Social Security Department, said in view of the large public demand for month now, after their confinement services, market research, research-related training and certification, standardized confinement services market.
Confinement ranges from domestic companies self
Yesterday, the reporter Guo doubts with the public, and visited a number of domestic companies, last month putting more adequate understanding to Fuzhou, Shuren home economics, Xin XING Yuan, Jinshan gave an all domestic companies said they have a month to supply in the near future. Meanwhile, most domestic companies for month classification, price is not the same for each level, primary general 3500, the gold medal more than 6000 Yuan.
But for the "Advanced" "gold" month what are the evaluation criteria? Most domestic companies say a specific standard, except to say that based on work experience and customer feedback, internal evaluation by the company, does not have authority for accreditation. In addition, the month medical license, certification, and most domestic companies to issue training certificates, or some educational institutions, training institutions such as the issuance of certificates, only very few month practice nursing qualification.
Shuren company month staff admitted that confinement is mainly taking care of maternal and new-born babies, literacy is not high, generally do not test certificate. Long experience of work, customer, and assessment through the month given grades.
In this regard, prepare month young couples is how to look at it? Journalists in a provincial hospital immediately surveyed 9 mothers, most of them reflect, confinement is qualified to do the actual work I can see, but only 28 days confinement, if not suitable for a lot of trouble, if there is authority to the month qualification they will be assured of some.
Departmental feedback:
There is no accreditation standard
Do I have relevant province "month" management requirements? Reporter interviewed the provincial human resources and Social Security Department, the provincial women's Federation, human resources and Social Security Bureau and other relevant departments of Fuzhou City.
Staff of the provincial Department of human resources and social security said month is a new industry emerged in the domestic industries in recent years, the State did not release month this career type names and the corresponding certification standards. Titles associated with identification only domestic service, baby sitter's qualification.
Propaganda Department of the provincial women's Federation has made it clear that confinement services not owned by the Department, there is no confinement related management regulations. Fuzhou municipal Bureau of human resources and social security said there is no month of qualification.
According to public demand in the month, the provincial Department of human resources and Social Security Department, and now their confinement is also very concerned at the situation of the market, a number of meetings to discuss this issue. They will be based on the needs of, and extensive market research month service, research-related training and certification, standardized confinement services market.
How to go to a good month?
Listen to Word of mouth, fine, don't believe the star interview confinement
Month is good, directly related to the recovery and growth of neonatal and maternal mood, in the absence of authority to help guard cases, how to choose a good month? Reporters interviewed have had babies and MOM of the month, twice their experiences can help you to find a good month.
Find a friend to recommend good confinement. This is a common experience, legendary month enough to trust.
Don't believe that running for a few days can be good. Confinement is not competent, professional, almost a day will be able to see it. Therefore recommends that mothers-to-be in confinement when the interview, carefully prepared, especially health and medical information on month you want to view.
Don't believe the star confinement. Inside the month level because it is a domestic company to determine, so don't think the price will be able to find a good month. Regular domestic companies usually have a month to qualify, historical records, customer feedback, service history log and other information, are available to view.
Clear reference of the month in advance. Month's scope of work includes all pregnant mothers and their babies, but when looking for a month, still have to clear prices and work to avoid future trouble.
Young's confinement is not necessarily experienced. A mother 29 years of confinement, even without children of her own, but in areas such as parenting experience is very old. So the month of age is not important, important is her work experience and attitude. BACK

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