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Domestic trade rate disorder survey: hourly workers sitting in the price

After the Spring Festival, along with the month, nanny, the hourly cost of domestic staff such as continuous improvement, domestic companies highlight the fees chaos, prices, unilateral breach of contract and other phenomena are frequent. Journalists love Lennon learned in home economics, now if you want to hire a nanny, people could get home, employers will be prepaid for domestic companies thousands of Yuan, company management and the high cost of employee is not equivalence.
| Large domestic companies |
"Now really cannot afford the babysitter, who didn't enter the House, we must first hand over seven thousand or eight thousand Yuan. "A few days ago, employers Xu told reporters" grievances ", said domestic prices unaffordable, domestic companies" exorbitant fees donation "is the last straw.
Journalists in a domestic company's Web site, now the price of an ordinary nurse in 2000-2500, the most sought-after "gold month" prices or even 8000 Yuan a month, but employers have to spend far more money.
"Beijing Lennon domestic services company" service personnel told reporters that before the babysitter, the employer must first pay 1680 Yuan "fee", you need to pay 100 Yuan a month later management fees (required once paid in full for one year). In addition, there are nannies wages last month security deposit and 100 per year insurance. Reporter rough calculation found that if a wage at 2300 normal babysitter, pre pay costs reached RMB 5280.
In this regard, such employer, Xu said it was just "normal price".
"I love John Lennon ' nanny is almost 6 years, from 2008 800 fee to the present, has experienced several prices. Shortage of domestic workers now, I ' love you ' fee has been introduced into the 1850, management fees also refer to 200 Yuan every month. "The employer told reporters, her one month at the end of November last year, only upfront cost is paid more than 8,000 yuan.
But the high cost of the mediation fees, management fees and not as Xu in Exchange for services. She told reporters that from November last year, company didn't call an enquiry service, nor did it provide any follow-up service.
| Public service |
Fee salary make up enough
Jiang, 38, has been in Beijing, public service center for a nanny. She told reporters that because of "38 service centers" are institutions under the Beijing municipal women's Federation, with a certain public good, so fees are lower than domestic companies.
"Now I need to pay 400 Yuan per year fee, can replace 3 times in one year nanny. In addition to only 10 Yuan registration fee upfront costs are lower. "Madame Chiang told reporters.
Although a public nature, but employers said 38 Service Center fee is not so competitive as it looks.
Reporters found that can also take care of a basic self-care of elderly men, Beijing loving Lennon domestic services company price of 2300-2700 Yuan, while 38 Service Center at 2600-3000. Employer for a nanny for one year, then Lennon home valued at about 33,000 yuan, 38 service centers about 34,000 yuan (middle value nanny salary calculation), but is higher than 1000 Yuan.
Although salary higher than peers generally 200 Yuan/month, but 38 Service Center service quality is still not satisfactory. Beijing tiantong Yuan, 38 service members through the Service Center to have a nanny, broken chandelier at home in less than a week, "Service Center said it has nothing to do with them, finally there is no compensation".
Zhang told reporters that he has seen a lot of similar incidents, mainly because many housekeepers do not have the skills certificate. "Some nanny purely based on past experience, what requests are ignored, and sometimes they have done, I have to clean it again. "
| Community service station |
Hourly workers sitting in the price
In addition to the above two housekeeping service agencies, community service stations are more common. Miss Liu domestic service station with their downstairs have signed long-term contracts, but she recently discovered that their contracts did not station played an effective role.
Ms Liu showed reporters a contract, clear read hourly salary for 12. But Miss Liu said, the price never find people now.
"Since I signed a long term contract, service station gave me 12/per hour rates. "Ms Liu said:" the contract is designed to prevent price fluctuations. But now the station hourly prices up to more than 18, a few days ago I follow the price 12 yuan/hour for someone to, stops to say human nervous and needs. "They immediately call the company's telephone, said there are hourly resource price of 20 Yuan per hour, door-to-door service at any time.
Finally, Miss LAU was hired by the price of 18 yuan/hour hourly workers. "Even after the fight they agree to 12 yuan/hour price, also is likely to drag on hours of work, not a good cleaning, so I may as well pay a little money. "Miss Liu said.
In fact, the domestic service sector business models as a livelihood, there is a lack of effective supervision. Insiders said the current domestic service management has become a dead letter. And with labor costs caused by increased labor shortages spread domestic service thresholds rise, service charges of turmoil has intensified.
Xia xueluan, a sociology professor at Beijing University told the newspaper in an interview, suggested that the Government should as soon as possible for unified management of domestic companies. Enterprises will not only strengthen the employees ' technical, professional, cultural and other relevant training, and should be implemented as soon as possible, "employee" so that domestic workers on the road to professional norms. BACK

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