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Domestic service, hoping to "home" in the "politics"

In recent years, domestic service has been from a luxury into a general consumption, more and more into the homes of ordinary people, to increase employment, improve people's livelihood, expanding domestic demand, restructuring the industry plays a very important role. All over the country and also have introduced policies to support the healthy development of the domestic service. But the economic information newspaper reporters before and after the Spring Festival in Beijing, Tianjin, Lanzhou city interviews found, staff shortage, the domestic market remains at present of demand and the low quality of service, charges and prices high. (February 6, the economic information daily)
Today's domestic service, seems to be contradiction between supply and demand has become increasingly prominent: on the one hand, fewer people, nanny, now the countryside into the city, on the other hand, with the improvement of living standards, changes in family structure, accelerate the pace of life, in particular the "ageing society" nanny workforce demand more and more.
Problem in "home" also in "politics". So-called problem in "home", that now many employed nanny of family, treats nanny of thought concept still stay in hundreds of years Qian of feudal society, "you nanny, is servant, is human; I spent has money employed you, you on have dry have more eat have less", such, feelings Shang often is "buyers and sellers" not equal, also will led to quite part nanny frequently job. To solve the "nurse shortage", should not look only on "migrant workers", and should be more "local". Problems in the "political", that is, should establish "nanny labor glory" awareness, development of relevant departments of the nanny industry incentive mechanism should be more robust.
Want to "home" in the "politics". While, for employed nanny of family for, except paid its necessary of labor paid zhiwai, more should to nanny to personality Shang of respect, Nanny is we of brothers sisters, you only will nanny as family, nanny only may will you of home as himself of home; on the, more of is levels the sector on nanny industry of health development should give vigorously help push, "training, and tax cuts, and venture financing", series "encourages, and support" policy should as to implementation. Meanwhile, the relevant institutions may also organize "nurse Star" appraisal and recognition, give nannies more warmth and care.
"The nurse shortage", is a "crisis" and "opportunity". A local, domestic industry, its examination of "only" just to see you there "have a babysitter shortage." BACK

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