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Find nannies harder than married members Court of Haikou domestic industry development

"Find a nanny is difficult than married! "" Difficulty in finding nannies, looking for a nanny more difficult, to find a good babysitter hard to steady. "It is often on the lips of many citizens of Haikou. What, then, how difficult it is?
"Less than 2000 Yuan a month now can nurse, confinement than winning the lottery, and families can take three thousand or four thousand Yuan for a nanny and a few? "Zhuang Yurong elder sister who lives in haidiandao wanfu village resettlement community to worry about. "Father's Spring Festival when he accidentally fell, breaking his leg, couldn't find a babysitter to take care of now, come out to 2300, no one is willing to, but that prices have accounted for almost half of the family monthly income. "
Zhuang as depressed sister has lived in a peaceful city garden week, he Festival of gold, not happy enough. Because both parties tend to be in the provinces, own work, who will take care of his wife and daughter? "My salary is not too low, around 3500 per month, nurse was there to dry a few days left, the reason is very simple, some employers up to 4000 Yuan. I am now a man husband, father and baby sitter for three hats, a Word, tired! "
At present "nurse shortage" and other phenomena, province many CPPCC members have put forward a lot of hack.
Company "nurse shortage" annually "repertoire"
The morning of 10th and reporters arrived at the long Kun Nan lu to "good housekeeping" agency, Ms WONG, head of the company "classic repertoire" a Word to the "nanny shortage." "Before and after the Spring Festival each year, nanny, month, part-time, cleaners, housekeepers are scarce, even though wages are hard to overcome anxious, and when domestic workers to demand the most popular periods. "
Ms Wong said the Haikou "nurse shortage" phenomena can be divided into 2 types, structural constraints and rigid constraints. The former refers to holidays such as the Spring Festival comes as officers returned home, domestic market demand led to "nurse shortage", this type periodically which meets the requirements of employers to hire skilled domestic workers lack, this type of "nurse shortage" is not a day or two to resolve the issue, which involves the Haikou standardized operation of the entire domestic market.
Domestic workers without a contract which go
Reporters found in the survey, except for "money or not, I went back to" outside the influence of traditional factors in China, along with rising prices, domestic worker wages have gone up tremendously, "which pay to which" became the nanny a major cause of difficulty in hiring. City nurse in charge of cooking, housework, 2009 only about 800 yuan per month to hire, and now to 2500 Yuan. On one hand, in order to compete for the nanny, month, part-time "scarce resources", individual economic beachhead employers with salaries several times higher than the market price to hire a nanny, disrupted the domestic market price standard, domestic worker wages continue to rise, on the vast number of employers struggling wage-earners, even nannies had demanded monthly salaries are significantly higher than employers ' monthly income.
"Anyway, and the company owner did not sign a contract, and want want to go by themselves. "" Two jobs a salary 2500 3500, which one do you want to do? Who was high and who certainly do. "This reporter interviewed domestic workers often heard. 6 nannies, in random interviews in the month, there are 4 expressed the fear that come and go are not free, "refused to sign".
"Many domestic workers are cattle, away went hear to sign contracts. "Several heads of domestic companies is quite helpless. And employers are seldom nanny contract: "they ' don't need to marry the daughter of the Emperor ', could get on well. "
Measures introduced domestic service legislation
For the city, "nurse shortage" causes of frequent, many provincial CPPCC members to make a rational analysis, many crack method is proposed.
Lack of self-discipline and mutual trust
Number of CPPCC members considered that the domestic industry is the main cause of lack of self-discipline and mutual trust.
Home Services business, customers in China and trilateral mutual distrust, dissatisfaction, there is a confidence crisis. Customers on employees ' skills, level of service and personal qualities are doubts; in China as the same wary eye on customers, not as a domestic service professional, and have short of ideas. According to statistics from Taiwan compatriots in Hainan Province Committee investigation: out of distrust for business customers directly through the family service company of only 20%, and through friends or relatives is as high as 50%.
Domestic service regulations blank
Current domestic service legislation is still blank, our province has not been established for domestic service market access mechanisms, the lack of uniform service standards, easily give rise to legal disputes.
Domestic services belong to informal employment, the waiter did not fall within the coverage of the labor contract law, can only refer to the constitutional law, civil law, contract law, judicial interpretations and related rules and regulations to standardize, in the event of disputes, trade can depend on. Meanwhile, employees ' rights cannot be guaranteed. Due to domestic service enterprises in China, and customer responsibilities, rights and interests of the three parties is not clear, sign a service contract is not standard, or not sign a service contract, resulting in serious violation of employees ' rights.
Employees into the social security system
To solve the "nurse shortage", Committee of Hainan Province Committee recommended, the Government should first formulated policies and measures to promote the development of domestic service, the employees into the social security system, preventing and minimizing the risk of family in the service industry. Such as the treatment of domestic workers against public welfare jobs, enjoy job subsidies and social insurance subsidy; domestic service companies should be given credit, tax breaks and other concessions. As soon as housekeepers of the social security system, establishing "nurse risk" insurance for domestic service personnel such as to explore domestic workers in risk prevention mechanism, safeguard the legal rights of domestic workers.
In addition, to increase the intensity of the training of workers in domestic service. Relying on formal vocational colleges, hospitals and other professional teachers, funds invested by the Government, to regulate the existing practitioners strict pre-job training, strict application of the system of family services certified step by step to import domestic service professional road.
Taiwan compatriots in Hainan Province Committee recommended, in an existing business, home, labor and social security departments all three respectively approval system on the basis of clear domestic trade association for domestic market management main body, established by the domestic industry associations industry access, intermediaries and service providers established in home economics database, relevant departments have the basic situation of domestic services. Furthermore, the Government must establish the home services industry regulatory mechanism.
Wants to hire nanny five strokes to help you
Hainan Normal University Professor Wang Juan suggested that if employers are trying to find a suitable good babysitter, may wish to try one of the following five ways:
First find a formal company. Not only depends on the business license, and tax registration. Only two complete, is a perfectly legitimate domestic companies at the time of hiring a nanny, to agents in detail your requirements and be able to pay salaries. Recommended by the agency like or want to do the job of nanny. Exchange the finer, higher satisfaction rates of the nanny in the future; nurse's wages are best not to intermediary companies linked to the charges to avoid intermediary companies with nanny to push up wages. If you are satisfied with the nanny, it is recommended that with the increase of service months, pay increases due to nanny; hired a nanny can best try. Even more energy, better than the troubles in the future; signed service contracts with the intermediary companies, be sure to carefully read the terms of the contract, protect the interests of employers. BACK

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