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Company purpose
Follow the "people-oriented, quality is the soul" concept, with a positive spirit, the attitude of excellence, and constantly improve its service standards, with "first class service, first class reputation", is the capital of the landscaping business to add luster, work hard! I ", perfect for customer service" for the purpose of advocating "the customer is always right! "The idea, to the credibility of the customer and to expand the development of services.
Cleaning service departments and their cleaning services:
1, interior cleaning: interior cleaning, exquisite villa cleaning, daily cleaning, floor waxes and high temperature steam sterilization, washing waxing the floor.
2, integrated cleaning: clean wool carpet, leather and Fabric sofas, screen partition, water tank, take off line cleaning.
3, the outer wall clean: clean the external walls of buildings (including tiles, mosaics, glass walls, aluminum-plastic Board, outer wall), painted, glass washing
4, stone renovation: renovation of marble, granite, Crystal face, with the exception of yellow, crystalline, white birch, lesions, cutting grind and routine maintenance of stone, marble, wax, and so on.
5, targeted cleaning: is the sanitation workers ' monthly timing assignment or the door with a full range of cleaning services.
6, air testing governance: undertake a variety of building air testing, air control and other projects.

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