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Knowledge of automotive oil sludge cleaning

Reasons for car engine oil sludge accumulation:
1, run along the dusty Street;
2, load or overload vehicles;
3, short-distance travel every day;
4, extended idling or low speed driving;
5, slow down frequently.
Effects of sludge on cars:
1, lower oil lubrication;
2, accelerated deterioration of oil;
3, causing oil block;
4, reduces the mechanical life;
5, reduced engine performance;
6, caused the intake manifold and combustion chamber of carbon.
How clear sludge: car will has sludge, most is didn't regularly for oil or oil insufficient, and metamorphic of fast, makes metamorphic of oil began produced sludge or oil block, attached with in engine internal, just began oil will into cream-like or pudding-like, serious points will into block, if minor quickly to for oil, followed engine launched 15-20 minutes, again for once new oil and oil core, remember next early some for oil, on can slowly put ointment wash down. If killed, agglomerate, you must scrape to remove, only to break down the engine detail, scraping sludge slowly one by one, and then put it back together, then to overhaul. Sell the accumulated sludge engine will not only increase fuel consumption, and may cause engine damage internal parts. In this era of high oil and commodity prices, do you don't have to save money does not go to regular de-sludging and engine damage and spent a lot of money.

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