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Car waxes, polishing but should not be used

Vehicle over time, often coarse, sandpaper marks, flow marks, anti-white, orange peel, and so on, car beauty shops recommended for polishing your car paint to enhance the film the mirror effect, meet the requirements of bright, smooth, gorgeous. Paint care known as the mirror of nursing, namely polishing.
Automotive paints mainly transparent paint, its technology is more about nursing programs with ordinary paint much the same: the first is grinding, is to remove paint defects of the original, it is mainly used to remove oxidation, hairline scratches, micro-scratches, paint damage in varying degrees. Depending on the nature of the damage, as well as the paint (clear lacquer or normal paint) to choose the type of abrasive.
However, the paint cannot be recycled, do not have thick layers of paint, polished by once or twice will become thinner, the ability to protect themselves is also getting worse, eventually leading to irreversible aging. Therefore, unless absolutely necessary, polished or doing less, and a polished, we need more thoughtful and meticulous maintenance.

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