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Why can't I used washing powder car wash water

Our car wash is designed to wash away stains of the car, the light is sure to wash clean with water, what to do, so pay attention. Now car wash car wash detergents, can be divided into three basic kinds: washing powder, dish detergent, special car shampoo.
Some owners go to the car wash, see workers washed very carefully, wash bubbles all over the place, "cleaning and decontamination" ability is very strong, dirty car seemed a cinch, washed from the outside it looks very clean. If you want to know exactly what's car wash to wash your car, we recommend that you can pinch with your fingers pinched, nose and smell those bubbles, you may suspect that detergent! No doubt, some car wash using detergent to wash the car.
Washing powder is an alkaline detergent, paint is very damaging, if long-term use laundry detergent to wash the car, the car's surface will gradually lose its lustre. Washing powders for corrosion of paint in the short term is hard to see, so many owners are not aware of the ill. Car wash owners know that detergents will damage cars, why use it? Tell you that root cause is the detergent low cost, quick. Some car washes with detergent to wash the car, owners purchase is generally similar to the catering trade barrel use dishwashing liquid, detergent although cheaper than the private car shampoo only dozens of Yuan, but is still widely used by car washes.

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