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Face cleansing four bogey

Avoid excessive water temperature   water temperature is too high the second bogey bogey too little water,

Please take a look at the people around you, all middle-aged face covered with wrinkles, definitely useful hot water washing habits. As facial micro blood vessel distribution are the most dense, thick fat layer, which is the body's own good protection of the facial muscles. Because water has a strong penetration, if the wash water temperature is too high, is equivalent to clearing a protective oil every day. Over time, facial subcutaneous fat, reduce, can accelerate aging of the skin, loss of elasticity, increasing wrinkles naturally inevitable.  

appropriate wash water temperature and body temperature approached, this can reduce the loss of subcutaneous fat. Of course, it is best to wash your face with cold water through cold skin irritation can increase the volume of subcutaneous fat. Therefore, adhere to wash your face with cold water all the year round, the people who lit up.  

b avoid water too little  

wash them in a pan of water is not enough. Always use SOAP when washing your face, face cream, so there are some alkaline substances will dissolve in the wash water. Alkali has a great effect on the skin. ,&Nbsp; wash your face at least two pots of water, first basin is used for wetting his face, and then wash your face with SOAP, face cream, alkaline material such as foam on a preliminary wash to face; the second pan of water to clean face residue of alkaline substances, it is necessary for protection of facial skin.  

c avoid using an old towel large-friction

wash is the main tool was a towel because towels cotton fiber easy to harden, towels that hardens will abrade the skin, so the towels must be willing to change. Avoid large area clean when washing your face, apply gentle methods, in the face of "Tai Chi" local massage shall normally be from right to left, bottom, gently massage small areas with wet towels 1-2 times, to remove dirt, easy blood circulation, enhance the flexibility of facial muscles.  

four wash-just wash hole bogey  

wash your face with information related to the area should be cleaned to the edge. In particular, two ears, including ear and back, head and neck, Meridian is a lot of parts, should approach each massage as described above. Ear massage, can promote general health massage of the head and neck, not only can prevent diseases such as sore throat, and can make the overall fitness of face and neck

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