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Automotive cleaning and maintenance knowledge

Auto daily cleaning and maintenance, use neutral surfactant, such as leather, fabric cleaner can clean surface, softening fiber, and without side effects, to brush a little scrub; mess requires penetrating agents remove stubborn stains. Note that the dashboard can only dry cleaning, for controlling a computer, stereo, fear of water, after washing, must be repeatedly cleaned. Pump-Jet water pump no oil on deep water penetrates into and can also wash detergent, drain water; otherwise the moisture remaining inside, unable to evaporate, for a long time can cause internal rot, rust, breeding ground for parasites such as mites.
Air conditioning exports, audio and other small parts cleaning more cumbersome, but be patient. Removed to clean more thoroughly. Finally, part leather or leather protector on, increase brightness, extended service life. Note to use waterborne protective agent, oily dirt, dirty clothing.
Clean your air conditioning system, dust cleaned of impurities, to cars to keep warm in cold weather; can also be set, seat cushions, chair covers with wool, cotton products, make the car look warm.
Air conditioning
Autumn use of car air conditioning is best used in-car system, preventing the involvement of autumn leaves air inlet of the air conditioning, air conditioners are not up to good effect.
Antifreeze and oil
Antifreeze to note replacement, lubrication system antifreeze engine oil is a good choice, it will be good for machinery lubrication in cold weather, but also facilitate the car. Check condition, give car to do a health check, has experienced a summer car very prone to failures of one kind or another, do a health check in advance, give your car insurance.
Repair of tyres adequate gas
Rubber hard and relatively brittle in the autumn, not only will reduce the coefficient of friction, are more prone to leaking, bar tires. Some driver on car of tire not too care, even has has trauma also in long time driving, over, wound will gradually expanded and led to burst; so, in this season of when, you must to carefully check tire; tire tire surface as has tied injury, situation must timely for patch; if car of tire using time had long, should timely replaced, must not lightly. In addition, because the temperatures cool in the fall, tire inflation should be more than enough in summer.
Engine to intimate protection
Engine is the heart of the car, so when the season should be even more intimate protection. Check the engine, air conditioning belt for relaxation, pay special attention to check the engine belt surface cracks; if there are cracks, the owner must be replaced, otherwise the belt under the high temperature working environment, easy to break and cause the engine to operate and the car broke down.
Fine check the brake system
Note that brake fluid is enough, poor quality, should be added or replaced in a timely manner when required; note braking with and without weakening, deviation, brake pedal wheel when pedaling and braking dead center position, if necessary, clean the entire brake system piping section.
Note: give the car a clean, not simply wipe clean with a brush and detergent if using alkaline detergent to clean, maybe surface clean, but the corrosion is very harmful. A long time, gum off the ceiling, destroying flannel surface fibers, making it brittle; leather hard, fissured. Yellow light Interior, dark interior is white.

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