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Car deodorant antiseptic 5 ways

Car indoor methods will focus more on using physical and principle of ion-virus, chemical disinfection method is due to the parts of the car damage and are prone to new harmful gases and decline.
1, chemical disinfection:
Is mainly carried out with some disinfectant on car spraying and scrubbing, way to achieve the goal of removing germs through chemical reaction, the merits of this antivirus is antivirus complete quickly, construction is simple, but also very obvious, resulting in more, while cars?? Also have a certain degree of damage, commonly used disinfectants on the market today and is used as follows?? Peracetic acid: 0.5% solution of Peracetic acid spray available outside the car surface and disinfect interior space, but more than half an hour after disinfection and ventilation. Since Peracetic acid is corrosive and bleached, so some items of clothing in the car it is best to remove disinfection to wipe the metal part of the car.
84 disinfectant: often the disinfectant with chlorine content of 5%, must be 200 times when using water to dilute, if not proportionally dilute corrosive. 84 disinfectant is not volatile, on hepatitis virus through immersion works, but had no effect on droplets floating in the air. Formaldehyde elimination Ling: this is a new in-car AV products and methods, there are rare in Guangzhou, mainly through special treatment of the Red particles to adsorption and elimination of harmful gases such as formaldehyde in the car, easy to use, but the drawback with remnants of chemical disinfection could have.
2, ozone disinfection:
This kind of antivirus in the first half of this year "atypical pneumonia" used to dominate, it is mainly a car that can quickly generate a lot of ozone disinfection machine to disinfect. Ozone is an inclusive, efficient quick bactericide, it can kill a variety of bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms. Ozone produced within a short time a lot of ozone can destroy bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms structure, making it lose their ability to survive. The bactericidal effect of ozone is sharp, when its concentration exceeds a certain value, sterilization can even snap. Oxidation removal of toxic gases such as CO, NO, SO2, mustard, etc. Different from chemical disinfection, ozone disinfection sterilization residual harmful due to the use of no second pollution caused by cars. Because soon after disinfection with ozone into oxygen, beneficial to the human body, the disadvantage is that the Guangzhou beauty shop ozone machine quality varies greatly, and antivirus at a time the price is too high.
3, ion antivirus:
It is also quite common for a fresh air inside the car, mainly by buying car oxygen bar to release ions achieve the purpose of fresh air inside the car, in fact it is not a air disinfection method in the strict sense, but only with fresh air and purification, the advantage of using a simple, basic without the owners hands, but obviously, the air purification process is slow, anti-virus is not complete.
4, Photocatalyst:
Light touch media is recently only rise of a new of antivirus method, it of work principle actually is simple, is using titanium dioxide this light of catalyst, see light produced are, and negative electronic, which positron and air in the of water molecular combined produced has oxidation decomposition capacity of hydrogen oxygen free base, and negative electronic is and air in the of oxygen combined into activity oxygen, both are has powerful of antivirus sterilization capacity, for car car within common of formaldehyde, and ammonia, and benzene, organic compounds has decomposition role, while also can clear car within of floating bacteria. This shows that the light catalyst main antivirus elements such as titanium dioxide, sunlight, because titanium dioxide can be produced only in the presence of ultraviolet light, together with a hard for decomposition of the resin to titanium dioxide titanium dioxide fixed on the inside, and titanium dioxide could receive the rays of the Sun, this is the Photocatalyst technology's biggest advantage. Its lasting effect, General construction, one can maintain efficacy about 2 years, steam pasteurized and frequently compared, low cost. But Photocatalyst also has its own disadvantages, because light catalyst needs ultraviolet radiation to work, which has some side effects, but some drivers were stuck to their car explosion-proof membrane, explosion-proof membrane is blocking ultraviolet rays, so will the owners must consider both posted film conflict.
5, charcoal antivirus
Like activated carbon, charcoal has developed space structure, with a large specific surface area and strong adsorption capacity. Bamboo charcoal is Alpine and old bamboo as raw materials, high temperature pyrolysis technology, which lasted more than 20 days carefully fired together. Charcoal each grams than surface area up to 500-700 square meters, has very strong of adsorption capacity on benzene, and formaldehyde, and acetone, and ammonia, and carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide has adsorption decomposition role, is pure natural green environmental products dedicated except smelly, and sterilization, and mold, and sucking tide, and anti-insect, and moth, and purification air, charcoal currently is Japan, and Korea, and Taiwan most popular of pure natural sucking taste except smelly adjustable wet agent, in Guangzhou, and Shenzhen and the domestic some big city are has sales.

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