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Hearing aid cleaning knowledge

Damages to 1.  wax: wax blockage is the main reason causing expensive damage to the receiver. Chinese of wax General belongs to dry sex, normal in usually of speech, and chewing, and walk Shi because vibration will will most wax from ear road within gradually vibration off out, but still has part will residues in ear road within, especially in wear custom machine Hou, ear crossing was jam, wax cannot normal off out, wax "cornered" only to business machine of receiver hole in to, light is makes voice variable light, heavy is makes receiver serious jam and caused damaged, to deaf who brings not necessary of loss.

regularly clean the receiver hole need dealers and users work together, don't underestimate the little piece of wax, it can give you a huge loss and inconvenient. According to the manual steps to clean up the wax, time consuming but can save you a lot of maintenance costs and avoid resistance of inorganic yarn a saddle cloth NET yo?

2.  water hazard: hearing aids are one of the biggest enemy is water vapor. Generally know that water vapor from the battery compartment door, all kinds of spin gap into the hearing aid and laid up affecting hearing aid internal line, the resulting custom shell cavity volume to save water, corrosion, movement and internal wiring. So they used to do nothing but be careful not to let the environment of water vapor into the hearing aid, adjusted hearing aids with wet hands or rain.

water vapor will also customize the receiver enters the receiver cavity can cause hazard is not so well known, in the southern region of China, periods of high temperatures throughout the year are very long, often washing and showers a day to do their homework, usually in the shower after bathing, it is inevitable that a small amount of water to splash the ear canal. Normal ear road has is water will soon volatile, but deaf who if in ear road has water of situation Xia, no wipe dry on wear custom machine, will will water completely blocking in custom machine to tympanic membrane Zhijian is small of ear road space within, water heated Hou into vapor, into receiver of cavity body deep, again gradually cooling accumulated into liquid water, on receiver within extremely small of parts kept soaking, injury receiver, light is produced voice exception, heavy is makes receiver completely claims.

keep dry the ear canal is very important. In the hearing aid when not in use, to put moisture in the desiccant machine dry, this will give you a hearing aid to bring a very long service life.

     3.  impact of damage: hearing aids are very afraid of falling like a quartz watch, because components of the hearing aids are very fine wires, easily broken after the shock, particularly receiver because of their structural relationships, sound vibrations within the Reed and thimble is easy-shift deforms, causing distortion or silent (see receiver structure for details).

production process in the receiver, receiver Pack if the falls from a height occurred before, the only way to deal is scrapped, receiver does not impact resistance is evident.

receiver mounted after the hearing aid case, although the impact has increased, but still want to attach to prevent dropping impact. Custom due to the small volume, easy to put on or take off from the hand, so be sure to take note of this.

hearing aid save

hearing aid when not in use, to turn the switch off and open the battery door, this can extend the battery life. If the hearing aid is not closed, it will issue a "Squeaky" howling, might attract the attention of children or pets, resulting in unnecessary damage.

therefore, to keep the hearing aid in places where children or pets, not easy to find. If the long time does not use a hearing aid, please put them in the Pocket it and store it in a cool, dry place

cleaning and maintenance

develop a habit of cleaning hearing AIDS every day, with the provided brush will accumulate in the hearing aid ear canal around the volume knob and battery compartment ear wax or other small particles sweep off, then gently wipe with a soft cloth of hearing aids. Do not use solvents, liquid soaps or oils to clean your hearing aids.

because the hearing aids are very delicate, so when cleaning and maintenance, it is best to shop in a soft cloth or towel on the desktop, so as to avoid unnecessary damage or missing parts.

once after wearing hearing aids in adaptation, and sometimes you will forget that it is working, so the agent such as swimming, bathing or using eruption will need hearing aids. Of course, washing clothes, and check his pockets for any hearing aid.

If the hearing aid moisture, do not use the oven, microwave or hair dryer for drying tool--so easily damaged hearing aid. But to remove the wet battery, open hearing aid batteries, hearing aids on a towel in a safe place in order to achieve the objective of flooding tides.

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