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Several kitchen appliances should not abuse

, Stainless steel or iron not fried Chinese medicine: traditional Chinese medicine containing   there are several alkaloids and various kinds of biological   chemicals, under heating conditions, with stainless steel or iron more   chemical reaction, will make the drug lost   effect, and even have some toxicity.

II, painting or carving engrave engraving of bamboo   chopstick use less: chopsticks on the paint containing lead, benzene,   chemicals, harmful to health. Carved bamboo chopsticks look pretty, but dirt, bacteria, it is not easy to clean.

: Wu Baimu contain odors and toxic substances, use it for cutting board not only pollute our dishes, and easily   vomiting, dizziness, and abdominal pain. Therefore, making the preferred wood for cutting boards or white fruit, SOAP   angle, such as wood, Birch and willow.

four, take   color porcelain do not hold condiments: flower   color porcelain containing lead, benzene and other disease, caused by   cancer substances. With flower   colored porcelain of aging and decay, radon pollution on the food pattern paint, harmful to the human body.

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