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Five identify shoddy bathroom building material

First, the trade mark counterfeiting real ones

such as Guangdong   diamond ware is a form of brand-name products for decades, fakes, but impossible.

Second, the mixed grade shoddy

this phenomenon in wall and floor tile, stone, paint, wood, and other   a variety of materials during the General  . General consumer due to a layman, flowers   the quality of money, buy back is the second, third class, or even reject.

  III,-able to evade detection

some generic brands or sell products, fraudulent use of test reports and product   product specification, known as his trademark, to push products that are not tested at all.

Finally, ignoring shoddy standards

some   consumers don't understand building materials producers, operators of professional knowledge,   means in violation of the relevant standards, harming the interests of consumers. For example,   provides that the thickness shall not be less than 1.2 mm aluminum alloy profiles   balcony. And now   for aluminium balconies   over 90% of material thickness is 1 mm, resulting in   the balcony window falling hazards, already pose a danger. Have some disabled dimethyl   PCBs, coal tar is toxic solvents such as xylene production of colorful coated   material, painting on the walls of millions of households, so that people without   harm.

Finally, bait-profiteering

this phenomenon often   now "goods" or   "goods". For example, some surfing bath, play imported or joint venture  , claiming that "all imported parts", in fact, shut its products   key component?? Electric system is "manufactured".

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