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Dryer use and maintenance considerations

Dryer is the use of external heat sources containing dehydrated water materials, machinery and equipment to reduce its water content, which composition is complex, difficult to use and maintenance. Equipment in good condition, not only to ensure normal production, can also extend equipment life, reduce production costs, and therefore the correct operation of the device, as well as strengthening the maintenance is necessary.
Daily operation precautions
First check each device of bearing and seal parts joints loose, dryer parts of the oil and the valve is in the desired position. Power up and then check the voltages and instruments are normal, if there is a problem should be ruled out. Then turn on blower, exhaust fan, then turn the heat switch starts to heat up. When the device is running, should also be timed collection, regularly check the system operation, record the process parameters. End of the job, you should first shut down the heating device, stop the gas engine running. When the inlet temperature down to 100 deg can stop the blower and fan running. Then clean up the rest of the body, close the dust collector, and finally turn off the main power supply, and production operations. In case of emergency, must be immediately shut down equipment. If you encountered some power outages, turn off heat, is a natural cooling machines and cleaning equipment.
Care and maintenance
Dryer should be regular cleaning, maintenance and maintenance help to find problems in a timely manner to address potential failures, reducing downtime, and ensure normal and stable. Equipment run for a long time, or due to improper operation, some part appears in the aggregate and affect the normal operation, this needs stopped working clean. Fan, you should see the shaft and bearings are oil and heat, there is no vibration, noise, and so on, if necessary, clean the fan and the fan blade balancing check.
For the heater, you should check whether heat is normal and, if necessary, clean the tubing, pumps, nozzles of three filters. Also, be aware that UV dryer motor has no heat, vibration, different sound, and so on, control instrumentation and home appliance is functioning properly. In addition, running about 2 400h (General shutdown period), required by the maintenance personnel to local disintegration and equipment maintenance.

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