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Homemade car cleaning

Formula 1 car cleaning agent

composition  /g  components  /g

sodium salt of EDTA  18  dodecyl amine oxide  0.2

gluconate sodium  2.5  sodium phosphate  0.1

Coco Betaine  2.5  water  74.6

alkyl carboxylic acid and potassium fluoride  0.1

preparation of    water soluble components, mixing evenly and serve.

Note    and 10~40 times when used diluted with water. Clean the body surface, shiny, no need to add waxes and polishes.

formula 2 car cleaning agent

component  /kg  components  /kg

gasoline  5   0.2~3 methyl silicone oil emulsion

paraffin wax  0.5   3 nonyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether

polyvinyl alcohol (400)  2  alkyl methyl ammonium oxidation

unsaturated fatty acids  1.5    in aqueous solution (50%)  7.9

color  0.035  spice  0.5

di-n-butyl phthalate  5

formula 3 car cleaning agent

component  w/%  component  w/%

sodium metasilicate, anhydrous sodium hydroxide,  1.0 50%  0.7

ethylenediamine 40% acid sodium salt  19.3 /non-ion imidazoline amphoteric surfactants  3.0

phosphate (low-water cosolvent)  2.0  water   allowance

Description    This product and formula applies on car truck wash.

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