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How to clean granite stains

One, common stains on granite cleaning procedures
In recent years with improved stone mining and processing increasing amount of granite stone have been accounted for a larger proportion. And granite-hard, wear-resistant, color and symmetry, luster bright, weather resistance and good, is the best choice for exterior decking material. Daily dirt, grease, juice and color stains easy absorption and penetration. Meanwhile, granite mineral component in more complex, especially in light of iron components in granite, often rust in wet conditions, and on the surface of the stone, is block yellow spot. So, how to remove granite by the pollution and disease?
1, granite cleaning of paint and pigments.
When paint or paint drips on the granite, in addition to the adhesive on the surface, also penetrated into the stone surface. Cleaning before using a thin blade to split stone above the surface of the thin layer of pollution and then used the cleaning agent you choose to start cleaning. Choice of cleaning agent, if there is a previous identical or similar cleaning experience, so you can experience directly to select and use the appropriate cleaning agent. Otherwise, it will try to make the appropriate selection and trial, but avoid misuse and misappropriation. But regardless of the kind of cleaning agent or method used, it is best to try a small area beforehand, in the identification of effect and dosage is used to a large extent.
2, the daily contamination and cleaning of stains on granite.
Daily pollution refers to the granite surface and dirt spots from people's daily life and work some common pollution and resulting in the formation of stains, like grease, dust and dirt and other unknown. For a number of common oil, use high alkaline or alkaline formula containing surfactants or neutral cleaning agents can get the desired results. Cleaning before cleaning agents down on the work surface, with a hard brush, and then soak for a while (about 10 minutes), then scrub back and forth with a brush, then clean out the waste liquid, scrubbing with water on both sides. Of course, you can repeat the previous cleaning process according to the situation.
3, Rust removal on granite.
Granite rust usually have two, one is exotic rusty sewage is the main cause to lead to rust stone. Like granite surfaces subjected to iron ad by the erosion of rainwater flowing down to rust; when the other is granite affected by water damage materials compounds of iron oxide in diffusion. Meanwhile, Rust removal should be carried out promptly to stone after waterproofing, as too much water, also will make the stone from contamination.
Second, granite stain cleaning and maintenance Note:
1 pH resistant than marble, and granite, so cleaning is available when a weak acid to clean.
Hardness is greater than 2, granite marble and wear well.
3, dense granite materials, absorbent, easily formed at stone seam water spots and less dry, difficult to eradicate, so when cleaning and maintenance, water as little as possible, even before water quickly drained.
4, strong granite oil absorption, try to prevent oil pollution.
5, the attention slip.
6, daily Crystal harden (March-June)
7, regular water and oil conservation treatment (2-3/)
Three considerations for construction, granite cleaning
1, Wai file protection: use warning signs around the construction site, prevent someone else from straying into causing damage.
2, dry stone: stone surface by natural ventilation, drying, you may not use dry methods such as high temperatures, fire.
3, select the cleaning agent: check the contamination observed pollution into the situation, according to sources of the symptomatic professional cleaning agents.
4, wash: pollution is eliminated, and water remove residual cleaning agent should be used, to a PH value of 7-8.
5, the samples of liquid samples.

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