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Methods for detection and effective removal of formaldehyde

Detection method:
1, determination of industrial waste gases in ambient air and formaldehyde by acetylacetone Spectrophotometric method, this method uses the manufacturing, paint and resins, synthetic fibers, plastics, rubber, dyes, pharmaceuticals, paint, leather and other emissions from industry and pharmaceutical disinfection, fumigation of anti-corrosion, determination of formaldehyde vapour produced at. Measurement range in 0.5~800mg/M3.
2, the determination of concentrations of formaldehyde in air of residential areas and public places AHMT (4-amino-n- -5-Methylthio -1,2,4-three Azoles) Spectrophotometric method. Measuring range from 0.01~0.16mg/M3.
3, apply to concentrations of formaldehyde in air of public places phenol reagent (MBTH) Spectrophotometric method measuring range is 0.01~0.15mg/M3.
5, for the determination of free formaldehyde content in textiles by water extraction. Apply for the free formaldehyde content for textiles between 20mg/kg to 3500mg/kg.
6, for the determination of free formaldehyde content in textiles by vapour absorption method. Apply for the free formaldehyde content for textiles between 20mg/kg to 3500mg/kg.
Currently, Formaldehyde gas of detection method by accuracy divided, roughly can is divided into two species, its a for precision determination method (instrument analysis method), including who recommended of efficient liquid color spectrum method (HPLC), gas phase color spectrum method (DNPH-GC method) and the points light photometric method,; second for simple determination method, the method main for fast detection, its accuracy requirements not high. Mainly the methodology, data can be displayed, as well as test tubes and paper ways, namely by detecting gas law of reaction with the indicator color changes to determination of gas concentrations.
Removal of formaldehyde
300 grams black teas soak into two basins of hot water, put it in the living room, and Windows that open air, within 48 hours of indoor formaldehyde concentration will decrease by more than 90%, irritant smell basic elimination.
Buy 800 grams granulated activated carbon addition of formaldehyde. The activated carbon into 8 portions into dishes, each housing two or three dishes, 72-hour indoor odor can be removed.
Prepare 400 grams of soot, the basin was filled into into the required addition of formaldehyde of indoor, can decreased the formaldehyde content within a week to a safe range. Method can also be applied to finished above free family, because some of the pest is a colorless, odorless, more clean, more security.
The bubble tea, put it in the refrigerator, you can achieve the deodorizing effect. If there is no tea, lemons or oranges can also be cut, as long as half a small effect can be achieved. In addition to touch beer rag and wipe the refrigerator, odor elimination.
Put greenery in the family bathroom, air conditioning can be achieved, eliminate odor effect. Best pot plants in the window, or put a vase into 35 flowers can bring a refreshing feeling.
Bio-absorption method:
1. plants with absorption of formaldehyde role, such as spider plants, such as Aloe, Agave, mother-in-law;
2. absorption of benzene role plants, such as Ivy, iron;
3. plants absorb trichloroethylene, saxifrage, Daisy, tequila, etc;
4. absorption sulphur dioxide plants, such as roses and rose;
5. dust collection plant, such as sweet osmanthus;
6. sterilization of plants such as Mint.

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