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Clean lacquer furniture knowledge

Lacquer plant painted furniture has two methods, one is painted directly, there is also a "PHI hung ash." "Ma" is linen, "grey" is the stucco, modulation with pig blood. Ma Hang, so-called put ashes, is wrapped in white linen wrapped around wooden, then put a layer of bricks and mortar, and then paint. The beauty of lacquer furniture with paint for the purpose of, so I will completely abandon the expressiveness of wood. Selection of wood with cedar, light wood like Phoebe, less oily.
Lacquer furniture how to maintain? In the South, mahogany furniture, paint on the surface of the furniture surface bright and clean and beautiful, mahogany wood color looks more eijun translucent. With hot wax furniture lacquer furniture and maintenance methods vary, based on the author's practical experience methods for your reference.
Usually wipe the surface using a clean, dry cotton cloth, not too dry or too wet cloth wipe. Waterproof lacquer, but is not completely waterproof, and witness the dry cloth, wipe the paint will leave streaks.
Method helps prevent jumping porcelain or a laugh, that is, paint cracking. Avoid using hard objects touching the paint, because it would be difficult to repair.
Paint scratches remedy available cotton wax-stained sand (light green, chemical stores are available) to properly wipe along the wood grain direction.
Avoid using glass plates cover the desktop. Because of this, "macerate" moldy, both paint and wax ornaments are not good. If you pad soft rubber mat under glass are also available, but note pad cannot be old in a fixed position, thinking that it is wrong for once and for all.
Not on hot or cold object in the paint on the furniture. Because of uneven can damage the paint.

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